Meet The Team

We are a team of experienced and talented advocates for the humanities. Our staff is passionate about putting the people of Pennsylvania first through transformational programs and initiatives.

Nick Crosson
Data-Based Development Manager

Jen Danifo
Senior Program Officer
(215) 925-1005 x110

Ken Dinitz
Director of Development
(215) 925-1005 x114

Dawn Frisby Byers
Senior Director of Content and Engagement
(215) 925-1005 x124

Brittany Levingston
ACLS Fellow

Donna Scheuerle
Assistant to the Executive Director & Development Manager
(215) 925-1005 x115

Karen Price
Content Writer / Storyteller

Ulysses Slaughter
Senior Project Director
(215) 925-1005 x130

Julia Terry
Education Program Officer
(215) 925-1005 x111

Taylor Tolton-Kain
Program and Communications Associate
(215) 925-1005 x119

Jared Valdez
Communications Manager
(215) 925-1005 x117

Celeste E. Vargo
Grants Manager & Program Administrator
(215) 925-1005 x125

Laurie Zierer
Executive Director
(215) 925-1005 x113

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