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Kindness matters.

During the uncertainties and challenges of Pennsylvania’s on-going recovery one thing makes all the difference – everyday kindness. As an independent nonprofit, we rely on your support in order to continue leading the way for PA residents to shape their communities. PA Humanities and our statewide partners support opportunities for spreading kindness through creative projects, meaningful conversations, storytelling, and shared action.

Show that kindness matters to you too.


PA Humanities has core programs, but we often branch out and offer our support and resources to other projects and events that share our values. From festivals to reading programs to speaking engagements, we’re always open to exploring new ways to advocate for the humanities and the power of storytelling.


Over the course of the pandemic, PA Humanities has facilitated and spoke at webinars and virtual conferences to discuss how the humanities contribute to education, community building, creative placemaking, and more.

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