Chester Made Exploration Zone Launch Reception & Workshop

The new Chester Made Exploration Zone pop-up makerspace at 511 Avenue of the States is officially complete! A special thank you to Chester Made artistic director Devon Walls, Alex Gilliam of Public Workshop and Chester residents for participating in #TheBuild and helping to make this possible! 

Check out some photos below of the Exploration Zone launch reception and workshop.

 Butcher Shop Rehab Reclaim . Rebuild . Repurpose Workshop
Bryan Clark and Twyla Simpkins
John Bush and Connie Irvin
Diane O'Connor, Amiya Ballard, and Sister Sherrice
Butcher Shop Rehab’s L. Ward guiding workshop participants through the building process.
Bonita E. Taylor and Jerry Puryear celebrating their building success
James Thompson, Jason Aviles, Jared Blair Wiley, Kim Carroll, and Connie Irvin posing around their completed table



Chester Made Exploration Zone Launch Reception 

As pictured from left to right: Alex Gilliam, founder of Public Workshop, Devon Walls, L. Ward of Butcher Shop Rehab, Chester Made artistic director, and Kenya Abdul-Hadi of Butcher Shop Rehab
Chester City Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland (right) and Councilman William Morgan in the new makerspace (left)


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