Chester Made #TheBuild

#TheBuild is a pop-up program within the Chester Made Exploration Zone that brings together youth, artists, and the Chester community to design and build the future in Overtown. Chester Made artistic director Devon Walls, a team of artists from The Artist Warehouse, and Alex Gilliam of Public Workshop are working to bring residents together to exchange ideas about what should be built in Chester and design and fabricate a  storefront and workshop. 

Chester Made #TheBuild

Recent Activities

Residents and community members have been helping to create the workshop while learning how to design and fabricate stools, tables, frames, lighting fixtures, and more! Read about their experiences below.


The Robinson Family participated in #TheBuild on Sunday, December 11. Visit the workshop at 511 Avenue of the States to view their unique snowflakes, which now decorate the walls and hang in the storefront window.


Patricia Wagner, local artist and photographer, is pictured working on her intricately patterned snowflake, made with reclaimed wood. 


Khadijah Muhammad, a recent high school graduate and upcoming artist extraordinaire, lays out the final blueprints for her snowflake. 


 A group of Chester youth connected with the College Access Center of Delaware County visited #TheBuild to learn more about creative entrepreneurship and the rising tide of Chester-based opportunities that can help them meet lifelong career goals.


These input cards, crafted by Public Workshop, were filled in by local Chester residents to detail what they would like to see in the future of the 500 block of Avenue of the States, hub of the Chester Made Creative Exploration Zone. 


Jared Blair from The Artist Warehouse designing a stool with reclaimed wood; he took the Shaker's approach of hanging furniture on the wall when not in use--with the the stools becoming artwork themselves.




Sam Anthony from The Artist Warehouse starting to prototype a director's chair version of the workshop stool for his film work.



Get Involved! 

We are adapting the old American tradition of barn raising to the 500 block in Overtown. Just as farmers used to pool their efforts to construct a barn, we are going to work together to finish #TheBuild pop-up workspace at 511 Avenue of the States.  

We cannot do it alone. We need your help at the following times: 

                                                                                Tuesday, February 21st, from 4-6pm 

                                                                                Thursday, February 23rd, from 12-6pm

                                                                                Saturday, February 25th, from 12-6pm

Our doors are open, and we welcome you to get involved. Don't miss out on workshops, activities and events. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Contact us by emailing ChesterMade or calling 800-462-0442 to talk more about volunteering and special projects.



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