PA Heart & Soul Profile | Williamsport

PA Humanities is currently working with cities and towns across the state to put people first in community development and planning processes through Community Heart & Soul®. The program’s innovative approach uses the tools of the humanities to creatively engage residents in planning and decision-making processes as a way to strengthen a town’s social, cultural and economic vibrancy.

A group of Williamsport residents launched a Community Heart & Soul project called Heart of Williamsport in early 2016.  

Read Heart of Williamsport’s 2017 year end report here.

The Williamsport Community

Williamsport, located in northcentral Pennsylvania, has a population of just under 30,000 people. This city that is home to Penn College of Technology and Lycoming College offers cultural opportunities and a rich history against a scenic, rural backdrop. Residents and visitors to Williamsport enjoy an amazing view of the mountains and their reflection in the West Branch Susquehanna River.

Susquehanna River Walk. Photo by Patrick Greenabaum

The city of Williamsport is in the process of becoming a younger, more active and arts-based community. The downtown district has recently been revamped, and the city’s culture is coming to life through live performances, galleries and displays of public art. The colleges and businesses in Williamsport are contributing to the economy, and as revitalization continues, the residents and community leaders are ready to spread this positive change to surrounding neighborhoods.

Despite the progress that downtown Williamsport is making, the surrounding neighborhoods face economic disparity and social challenges. One major aim of this project is to identify common values and build bridges among diverse groups.


Additional project information is available from Heart of Williamsport website. 

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