PA Heart & Soul Profile | Greater Carlisle

PA Humanities is currently working with cities and towns across the state to put people first in community development and planning processes through Community Heart & Soul®. The program’s innovative approach uses the tools of the humanities to creatively engage residents in planning and decision-making processes as a way to strengthen a town’s social, cultural and economic vibrancy.

The Carlisle Community

Greater Carlisle’s mixture of historic towns, rural and suburban townships, farms and commercial zones are home to 67,000 people. Its green spaces, hiking trails, waterways, bike routes and proximity to South and Blue Mountains make it an ideal location for outdoor activities.

The area is home to the US Army War College, the Central Pennsylvania Youth BalletDickinson College, and the Penn State Dickinson School of Law. The Borough of Carlisle, the county seat and host to collector car events, was ranked 16th on Livability’s Top 100 Best Small Towns list in 2015, with its variety of recreational activities and high level of public participation in redevelopment efforts cited as strengths. 


Additional project information is available from Greater Carlisle Heart and Soul website.

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