PA Humanities Discovery Project

With the help of Drexel University, we’re on a mission to map, network, and celebrate the wonderfully rich humanities landscape with a project called the PA Humanities Discovery Project. Across the state people like you are building community, making space for new voices, sharing stories, uplifting culture, educating, solving problems creatively — what we call the tools of the humanities (even if many wouldn’t use that word). This work has been especially critical during the pandemic, keeping us connected and inspired, while encouraging resilience and recovery.

Help us tell the first-ever story of the humanities across Pennsylvania and together we’ll build a more inclusive and connected community for sharing, learning, and advocacy.

Quick Facts

  • Survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete

  • Answers are anonymous, but you may opt-in to be contacted by PA Humanities for future communications and networking opportunities

  • Responses due by December 31

  • Results released in Spring 2023

Who should take this survey? 

We’re seeking Pennsylvanians that work to make their community a better place. Maybe you collect family history, host a book group or story slam, organize festivals, create community murals, develop educational programs, research and produce stories, or use writing for health and wellness. This project is expansive and aims to show what you uniquely do!

  • La encuesta, las preguntas frecuentes y la guía de promoción también están disponibles en español.
  • 我们有中文版的调查问卷,常见问题的解答和宣传材料。

Why should you participate?

  • join a movement to give a voice and recognition to the work that you do
  • receive special invitations to network and learn with others who have taken the survey
  • gain early access to select research results/materials
  • have your work highlighted to a statewide and national audience in a report
  • be an advocate for the interests of the broader humanities community
  • enter a drawing for a chance to receive a gift basket or $50 gift card from a PA company such as Miller’s Bakery in Lancaster or Prantl’s Bakery in Pittsburgh

Additional Resources

The PA Humanities Discovery Project is a joint effort of PA Humanities and Drexel University. Funding comes from the National Endowment for the Humanities as part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

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