Getting to know Jean-Pierre Brice

September 19, 2023
JP Brice
Broadcasting is one of Jean-Pierre Brice's passions. He launched in 2017, and his mantra for the station is "Cultivating Mature Positivity while Constantly Making Progress."

We are excited to introduce the newest member of our PA Humanities staff, Jean-Pierre Brice. He goes by Jean-Pierre, JP, Pierre, and sometimes Uncle P, and this longtime Chester resident is now our Community Programs Manager. He’s a passionate, purpose-driven community builder and activist, and is dedicated to making positive change everywhere he goes. You can read his full bio here, but we thought it would be fun to do a short Q&A so you can get to know JP even better!

Q: This isn’t your first involvement with PA Humanities. Can you share a little about your background with Chester Made and what you’re looking forward to in your new role?

JP: I previously served as an Advisor for the Chester Made Digital Stories program, and it was a rewarding experience to be part of a vibrant community of storytellers. Now, in my new role as the Community Programs Manager, I’m eagerly anticipating my involvement in various PA Humanities programs, including Chester Made, Rain Poetry, Heart & Soul, and Voices of History.”

Jean-Pierre Brice

Q: Is there a book, movie, piece of art, cultural event, or special place that you believe everyone in Pennsylvania should experience at least once?

JP: “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill is a personal development and self-help book that explores the principles of success and wealth creation. It delves into the power of one’s mindset and how thoughts can be transformed into tangible achievements. The book emphasizes the importance of setting clear goals, having a strong desire, and taking persistent action to achieve one’s dreams. It also discusses the significance of building positive relationships and having a burning desire for success. Overall, it’s a classic book on the psychology of success and achieving financial prosperity.

“Limitless” is my ultimate choice when it comes to movies. It serves as a constant reminder that genuine success isn’t handed on a silver platter; setbacks are inevitable, but perseverance is the key.

The Banjo Lesson

“The Banjo Lesson” by Henry Osawa Tanner holds a special place in my heart due to its powerful portrayal of intergenerational teaching.

As for a must-visit destination, while I have deep affection for my hometown for The Chester High Homecoming, I’d say the Odunde Festival in June, a fantastic event for connecting with new people and experiencing vibrant culture, or Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square. It’s a renowned horticultural display garden that is known for its stunning gardens, conservatory, and fountains.

Q: What motivates and inspires you, especially in challenging times?

JP: During difficult moments, I find motivation in tranquility, reading, and meditation. Life has taught me that when things can go wrong, they often do, so I’ve learned not to dwell on worries. Spending time alone grants me a sense of inner peace, within which I discover the solutions I seek. Whatever that answer may be, it’s mine to decide how to use it.

Inspiration, on the other hand, springs from everyday encounters with people, locations, and even the smallest creatures like flies or bugs. Amidst challenges, my children serve as a profound source of inspiration, reminding me to persevere.

Brice with members of PA Humanities’ staff and board during a trip to Pittsburgh to talk about Rain Poetry, Voices of History, and other 50th anniversary projects.

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