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Jean-Pierre Brice

Community Programs Manager

Pierre is a passionate, purpose-driven community builder and activist

Jean-Pierre Brice, affectionately known as “Pierre”, was born in Brooklyn, New York, to a native of Chester and a Haitian immigrant. At just two years old, the family relocated to Chester, PA, immersing Pierre in the warmth of a tight-knit family circle. Pierre’s upbringing in the Catholic school system hinted at a potential future in the priesthood, a path inspired by his compassionate nature.

Tragically, at 12, Pierre faced the devastating loss of his father. This profound grief led him to seek solace in the streets. While attending Chester High School, Pierre’s involvement in sports ignited a passion for sports broadcasting. Following graduation, he briefly pursued studies at Keystone College but felt adrift and returned to the streets. Some brushes with the law eventually led him to spend significant time in prison, a period that allowed Pierre to reflect, rediscover himself, and embrace his potential as an inspiring influencer.

In 2016, Pierre’s radio journey began with PQRadio1, collaborating with Purple Queen and No Q Tommy. He made notable appearances on the No Filter show alongside No Q Tommy and DJ Chuck B and eventually initiated the podcast “Revolutionary Minds” with other visionaries. This experience fueled Pierre’s ambition to establish a platform for championing those unheard voices in his community.

On September 2, 2017, Pierre’s vision materialized as Teaming up with Joelle and Chuck B, they united different generations and backgrounds through the universal language of music, always emphasizing the familial bond. Pierre’s mantra for the station, “Cultivating Mature Positivity while Constantly Making Progress”, is a testament to his Chester roots. Six years in, the station’s message remains unchanged but ever-evolving. Today, as “Uncle P Motiv8r”, Pierre is a beacon in his community, underscoring that Passion indeed Drives Purpose.

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