Artists thrive through adversity because art is a marvelous transformation of adversity. No matter how difficult the times we face, artists smile, rise and get back to the life of art. What do Chester artists do in tough times like these? They Reclaim, Repurpose, Rebuild and #RemainCreative

#RemainCreative is a Chester Made social media campaign that will keep our audience engaged and thinking creatively during this time of limited in-person interaction. Facebook & Instagram posts as well as E-blasts to our mailing list will show Chester artists continuing to thrive in their field while staying at home, healthy and safe. We will also post videos that will flash back to past Chester Made events, workshops, and activities that might inspire a creative post of your own.

Tune in to the Chester Made Facebook Page on #MotivationMondays to hear what Chester Artists are currently doing to #RemainCreative, and again on #ThrowBackThursdays for some past inspiration and ways to stay engaged during these trying times. Show us your relentless passion. Share your unstoppable dedication. #RemainCreative, Chester! 

Chester Made Artistic Director Devon Walls is #RemainingCreative and painting everyday while at home. He says now is the time to practice new techniques and painting styles!
Kenny "The Art Monster" Hunt is still hard at work creating his art and marketing his international brand. Check out his interview with Chester Made Project Manager Ulysses Slaughter on our Facebook page @ChesterMadePA
Chester Made Photographer Greg Irvin tested out some new lighting lenses and props at home. He also created a Photography Meetup Group “Chester Image Crafters” that will be ready to hit the ground running ASAP!


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