The Humanities and Positive Youth Development: A Teen Reading Lounge Webinar

Learn how youth organizations and libraries can promote positive youth development skills through the humanities and civic engagement through this latest installment of the Teen Reading Lounge webinar series.

Teen Reading Lounge is built on the belief that the humanities and the skills they teach provide a pathway to positive development in young people. In this webinar, youth development experts and Teen Reading Lounge practitioners explore how the award-winning program helps young people cultivate 21st century skills essential for success, develop a stronger understanding of their own identity and of different perspectives, and identify solutions to challenges in their communities. 


TRL Humanities And Positive Youth Development Webinar 2018

The webinar was produced by PHC and moderated by Valerie Adams-Bass, Assistant Professor of Youth and Social Innovations in the Department of Human Services at the University of Virginia Curry School of Education.

Practitioner panel guests include:

  • Jo Bradley, OST Director at John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls High School
  • Kimberly King, Youth Services Coordinator &Assistant Director at Priestley Forsyth Memorial Library
  • Shakira King, Activities Director at Sunrise of Philadelphia Inc. @ South Philadelphia High School


Click here to watch the webinar.


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