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Strategic Plan

Our 2019-2021 Strategic Plan makes a bold statement: The new direction we chose six years ago is having a powerful and lasting impact on communities across the Commonwealth. In 2013 we began to reimagine the way we approach our work. We have always advocated for funding, resources, and visibility for the humanities, and we always will. But the time had come for us to put the people of Pennsylvania first by focusing on two core areas: civic engagement and education.      

The latest updates reflect how far we've come with our work of putting the humanities into action to create positive change. Continuing success with our signature programs in communities across Pennsylvania motivates us to expand our work in the future: reach more youth with Teen Reading Lounge, connect more residents through Community Heart & Soul, engage more people who will raise a strong voice with us to advocate for the humanities in Pennsylvania.

We invite you to read an abbreviated version of our 2019-2021 Strategic Plan which outlines our approach and lays out the vital work ahead.



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