John Schlimm is a Harvard-trained educator, artist, activist, and international award-winning author of 19 books. 

His books include Extraordinary Dogs: Stories From Search and Rescue Dogs, Comfort Dogs, and Other Canine Heroes; the memoir Five Years in Heaven: The Unlikely Friendship That Answered Life’s Greatest QuestionsMoonshine: A Celebration of America’s Original Rebel Spirit; the call-to-action anthology Stand Up!: 75 Young Activists Who Rock the World, And How You Can, Too!; and several cookbooks, including The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Happy HourThe Cheesy VeganGrilling Vegan StyleThe Tipsy Vegan, and more.

John has traveled the country speaking about inspirational/motivational topics, cooking, entertaining, and public relations, including his “Embrace Compassion, Change the World” keynote address on Capitol Hill. He has appeared on such national media outlets as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, NPR, Martha Stewart Living’s Everyday FoodThe Splendid Table, QVC, and Fox & Friends

A member of one of the country’s oldest and most historic brewing families, John sits on the Board of Directors at Straub Brewery in St. Marys, Pennsylvania. Founded in the 1870s by his great-great-grandfather Peter Straub, this American Legacy Brewery and Pennsylvania landmark destination in the heart of the PA Wilds region was named one of the five best places in America to drink American beer by Fodor’s Travel.

For more than 20 years, John has honed his talents as an artist, working in a variety of different mediums from wood, canvas, and acrylics to marker, paper, photography, and video, and genres ranging from primitive Folk Art to Contemporary. He is the creator of the Participatory Art pieces Planting COMPASSIONand THE SMILE THAT CHANGED THE WORLD (is yours), which have been installed across the country, including at The Westmoreland Museum of American Art, following debut installations in Canada and Washington, D.C. In 2013, John was honored with the Elk County Council on the Arts’ “Heart in the Arts” humanitarian award.

John graduated summa cum laude from Marymount University with a B.A. in Communications and Public Relations and a minor in Studio Arts, earned his dual Secondary Education Certifications in English and Speech Communications at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, and completed his Master’s Degree in Education at Harvard University.