edna creelman

Edna Creelman

Communications and Development Associate

Edna Creelman joined PHC as an intern during the summer of 2020 and now works part-time with the communications and development teams.

Edna attends Haverford College (‘23) and majors in Psychology with minors in Philosophy and Sociology, with future plans of getting an MBA. She is a board member of Haverford’s student-run art house, also known as James House, and plays a large role in coordinating events, budgeting, and inventory.

Over the summer of 2020, Edna worked with the communications, development, and programming departments and took on a variety of projects to help support larger department initiatives. She was closely involved with the Pop-Up Grants for Cultural Producers program and has also contributed to research on grantmaking. In addition to working with PHC, she also acts as an RA and works part-time as a student coach for AESOP Academy, a program dedicated to teaching liberal art college students to learn practical data and presentation skills using Excel and Tableau. 

Edna enjoys lively discussions in her Haverford College classes and on the weekends she likes to relax by doing ceramics or gardening. 

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