Acholi dancers in Erie. Photo by: Kelly Armor.

Commonwealth Speakers Tribute

We are celebrating 35 years of the Commonwealth Speakers Bureau!

From 1980 until 2015 PHC produced the Commonwealth Speakers series as a way to share powerful stories and explore big ideas. Communities all across Pennsylvania gathered for Commonwealth Speakers presentations to discover something new about history, the arts and the world around them. View videos from the Commonwealth Speakers Series. 

Participating speakers were experts from a variety of backgrounds—arts and museum educators, folk artists, dancers, musicians, scholars—who make presentations on a wide range of popular topics. While speaker presentations were incredibly diverse in terms of topic and format, they all shared a common feature—the opportunity for audiences to come together and learn from each other.

Many former Commonwealth Speakers are still working independently of PHC, giving talks around the state. Interested in having one of these humanities expert speak to your group? Peruse the profiles  below for presentation descriptions and speaker contact information.



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