Archival image courtesy of the Delaware County Historical Society.

Chester History Meets the Arts: Humanities Summer Camp 2017

History met the arts in this free, fun, and highly interactive camp that took place this June on Avenue of the States. Campers tapped into their creativity using the arts --from painting, creative writing, dance, theater, music, to literature --with the humanities to uncover and interpret the history of downtown Chester, specifically, Chester residents'  experiences during the time of the Civil Rights movement. 

After gathering the stories of local eyewitnesses and diving into the archives at the Delaware County Historical Society, campers brought history to life in a multidisciplinary presentation they created to shed light on the dramatic and the day-to-day aspects of Chester’s intriguing past. There explored various forms of creative expression and worked with artists including Devon Walls, Laindia Santos-Philips, and Lisa Cocciarale. 


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