Saul Broudy


Dr. Saul Broudy has been performing for over 45 years nationally and internationally. He accompanies his singing on guitar, but is best-known as a harmonica player, having worked and recorded with numerous artists. He has his own album, "Travels with Broudy", and has recorded "In Country: Folk Songs of Americans in the Vietnam War" with six fellow Vietnam veterans. Broudy's music covers a wide range of grassroots American genres, from traditional ballads to bluegrass, county, blues, Cajun, and rockability. Broudy holds a Ph.D. in Folklore & Folklife from the University of Pennsylvania.


  • All Over This Land: American Regional Folk Music
  • Singing Workers: American Occupational Folksong
  • Oh, You Saigon Girls, Can't You Dance the Polka!: Folksongs of Americans in the Vietnam War



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