Richard Pawling


Richard N. Pawling, a natural entertainer and now retired award-winning college professor and NPS ranger, is a master at captivating audiences of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. He is the owner and educational/interpretive specialist of History Alive! --a firm founded in 1991 that provides living history and hertiage music programs to parks, museums, colleges/universities, as well as civic, professional, and historical organizations throughout the United States and Canada. He is currently also teaching an e-LIVE course on living history with the Heritage Interpretation Training Center.


Living history programs on a variety of topics including:

  • First Frontier History (Conrad Weiser, Daniel Boone)
  • Westward Expansion
  • Transportation History (1809 Conestoga wagoner, 1870s canal boat captain, 1880s railroad "gandy dancer")
  • Industrial History (1836 Ironworker, 1890s wood hick and oil industry teamster, 1905 coal miner)
  • Civil War (abolitionist, bugler, music)
  • Old-time baseball and heritage music programs

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