Melody Keim

Melody Keim is the former Executive Director of the  Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation.

Previously she was Vice President of Programs and Initiatives at the Lancaster County Community Foundation. With deep roots and proven expertise in the community benefit sector, Melody inspires new ways of thinking and brings a thoughtful perspective to investing in local organizations. Her leadership sparked the Ah-Ha Project and launched a new approach to the way the Community Foundation engages the Lancaster community.

Melody graduated with a B.A. in Liberal Arts/ Peace & Justice from Eastern Mennonite University and an M.F.C.S. in Ethnic Textiles/Alternative Business Models from Iowa State University. She has traveled extensively in Central America, Europe, and Asia. A published researcher, community benefit board member, multi-media textile artist, and active community member, Melody is inspired by Gandhi’s quote “Be the change you wish to see.”



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