Bruce Young



Bruce Young is a multi-instrumentalist, singing and playing period and traditional music professionally for over forty years. Converted from classical to square dance fiddle in 1973, he continued as musician, caller, and organizer throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.  Starting with PA Renaissance Faire in 1984, Young became Director of Dance in 1992.  While working for Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins, WV for six years, he was selected to PCA's 1994 Artists In Education Roster.   After PHC Speakers Program's call soliciting family-friendly programs, Young was accepted in 2006.

Young operates a SAA-certified teaching studio and is Secretary of AFM Local 660.


  • PA Mountain Voices: Songs of the 19th Century North Central PA Miners and Lumberjacks
  • Songs of the Labor Movement: From Proto-Union Activists to the "Little Red Book" of the I.W.W.
  • Stephen Foster, American Dreamer: The Life, Times, and Music of America's Songwriter



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